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Reduced prices on vouchers

We have one price on all our services. We deliver Design, Consulting, Teaching, IT services and Project Management on Price Vouchers, with a good discount.
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It is easy to spend a lot of money on IT and Marketing! On the other hand, it is an art selecting the right solution, so investment commensurate with expectations and give a result you can be happy about for a long time to come.

You can use your Voucher on one larger task, several smaller tasks and as a combination of consulting, design, teaching and IT solutions, solved by both of us.
1  unit on Voucher = 1 hour

If you need our support for less than an hour, we always count 15 minutes as a start-up, we can often solve your issue and simple questions in the 15 minutes. This way, you will always have the opportunity to get our support for a small fee.

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We understand - Define - Design, Produce and deliver. 

At our initial meeting, we will have many questions and we will focused listen to you, because we want to understand your needs. Together with you, we will draw a mind map to put words and concepts into place, aligning perspectives and ideas.

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After our first meeting, we will immerse, examine, and analyze, in order then to come back with a proposal that we together with you, will relate to. Only when we have agreed on a plan, we start up. It is also here where we together put some check points and time frames for production, delivery and implementation.

During production, we will stay in close contact. With online meetings,  teachings and training via ZOOM which can be recorded and sent to you on demand the process.

Our Affiliate Links

Feel free to check out our affiliate links. These are tools we use in our business, and highly recommend. They all come with a big discount you'll only get through our link, so please feel free. Should you require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. Let us know about your project. Book a twenty-minute meeting free of charge!

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Time Tracker System

We keep track of time with our "Time Tracker System" and make weekly report to identify time spent on each defined assignment. We register down to minutes. Our goal is to tailor a solution that fits exactly to you and your business.

Conditions for Vouchers

To ensure focus and flow on tasks discussed on initial meetings, Vouchers will have a limited shelf life and must be used within agreed timeframes. Vouchers bought for a specific project will get its own period. Vouchers are not refundable for cash and cannot be handed over to third parties.

As soon as your payment is registered, we will start up the assignment. You will recieve the invoice for your accounting. A Voucher includes a "free" Initial meeting for 1 hour.

Prices in EUR (incl. Danish VAT) as listed below

per day €949 /per hour €129

5  hrs  Voucher (5 hours) €606 (save €39) (per hr €121) 6%

10 hrs Voucher (10 hours) €1186 (save €104) (per hr €118) 8%

20 hrs Voucher (20 hours) €2322 (save €258) (per hr €116) 10%

40 hrs Voucher (40 hours) €4540 (save €620) (per hr €113) 12%

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Katrine Høyer, Designer

"As a creative and self-taught graphic designer, I have more than 30 years of experience with creative processes, and I have helped many companies like yours to put up colors, images and words on their projects. In recent years I have worked specifically with authors and books"

Jens Brinch Møller, Engineer

"As a university-educated engineer with more than 30 years of experience helping businesses and their executives achieve their goals, I’m sure I can help you too!”