Kaje Engineering

General Business Conditions


The General Business Conditions apply to Kaje Engineering (hereafter KAJE) assistance to individuals, Companies, Organizations and Authorities (hereafter the Customer).


KAJE business services are based on pre-paid service packages either Customer specific or as described on our web pages.

For our Customer specific service package we issue a written document (email/agreement) specifying the framework for our delivery.

In this document are information about the scope, agreed task's/ deliverables, the Customer contributions, estimated timetable, estimate of other expenses (optional), schedule of payments (optional) and the current rates for our services in the event there is a future need for adjusting the initial agreement.

Any other expense, i.e. purchase of materials, information, access/ connection to other third-party services, travel expenses, telecommunication etc. is subject to prior approval by the Customer.

In all respects the Customer is responsible and liable that the work, which the Customer has requested KAJE to perform, does not infringe any local regulations or laws.

We will commence our activities as soon as the agreed amount has been received in our bank account.

Prices etc.

Our invoice will refer to the service agreed and relevant documents.

For assistance in Denmark prices are in DKK and subject to value-added tax.

For assistance outside Denmark prices and fees are in EURO unless stated otherwise.

Value-added tax will only be added in the event our deliveries are defined to be taxed according to the existing agreement between Denmark and the country of the invoicing address specified by the customer.

Any agreed expense, for instance for purchase of materials, information, access/connection to databases, travel expenses, telecommunication etc., must be refunded.

For certain types of assistance, for instance the procurement of publications, statistical material, credit reports or customs information etc., consumed time will be logged as administrative time.

Normal office hours are customer working days from 08:00 hrs. to 12:00 hrs. and from 14:00 hrs. to 18:00 hrs. except for national Danish holidays.

We track our time consumed in 15 min slots.

In cases where the Customer requires our assistance to be provided outside the normal office hours, an additional 50% must be paid, and on Danish holidays, an additional 100% must be paid.

The conversion rate from EUR to DKK applied will be the exchange rate published by Danmarks Nationalbank on the date of issue of the invoice.

Terms of Payment

KAJE collects its payment in advance before work commence.

A deposit of 60% of the estimated expenses to be paid in advance when approved by the customer.

Due date for payment is 5 calendar days from the date of the invoice.

If payment is not made as specified, KAJE is entitled to cease work until payment has been effected.


The agreement can be terminated by giving the other party at least one week written notice of termination.

The Customer must in such case pay for the assistance provided up to the date of termination and for any expenses committed to pay.

KAJE will in such case refund received pre-payment related to services or expenses to be purchased after the date of termination.

In the event a payment remains overdue for 15 calendar days, this is considered as a breach of contract.

Intellectual Property Rights

In all respects the Customer is responsible and liable that the work, which the Customer has requested KAJE to perform, does not infringe any third-party rights.

The Customer is responsible for securing any intellectual property rights which may have to be secured as a result of the task.

KAJE has the right to apply the know-how, methods and general knowledge that may have been acquired during the performance of the task.

Professional secrecy and confidence

By virtue of their terms of employment, KAJE's staff, is obliged to maintain professional secrecy in relation to information, including competition-sensitive information concerning Customers and trade secrets, to which the staff become party in the course of their work and concerning which they have signed a pledge. The duty of professional secrecy also continues after the employee has left the service.

KAJE treats information received from partners and companies confidentially within the framework of Danish law. This includes competition-sensitive information, trade secrets and commercial or operational matters. As a Danish company KAJE is subject to the general Danish rules of law.

Liability for Damages

Under the general Danish law of damages KAJE is liable for errors and omissions in connection with the performance of the task.

KAJE is not liable for operational loss, loss of profits or any other indirect loss.

KAJE's liability in damages cannot exceed the fee for performing the specific task, and this is irrespective of KAJE being held liable for several individual claims. If the performance of the task is divided into phases, the maximum liability in damages will be the fee for performing the specific phase of the work.

KAJE's liability will cease 2 years from the conclusion of the task to which the error or omission relates.


Agreements comprised by these General Business Conditions shall be subject to Danish law.

Any dispute arising out of or in connection with agreements comprised by these General Business Conditions, which cannot be settled by negotiation, must be settled by a Danish court in accordance with the general Danish rules of law.